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Business, Management, & Accounting

Gaylord High School offers several classes based on business skills, including basic computer courses, advanced computer courses, web design, internet research classes, and accounting and marketing classes. These classes are designed to prepare students for a career in a computer-oriented world, while establishing basic skills needed to enter and survive in that world.

Health Sciences

GHS offers an array of courses specifically for students intent on entering a profession in the medical field. Beginning with Human Anatomy and ranging all the way to a second-level Medical Occupations class, this department also offers an option for cooperative work experience with Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord.

Trade & Industry

At GHS, some of our most popular courses are part of the Trade and Industry program. From landscaping to automotive technology, the school offers classes in many different trades.

Human Services

Also available to GHS students are classes that focus on life post-high school. These classes range from Family Living and Child Development all the way to Advanced Culinary Arts. This department also offers a cooperative work experience option for students wishing to apply their skills outside school for credits.