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Department of Mathematics

The Gaylord High School Math Department is involved in the latest methods and concepts of traditional mathmatics. Classes range from early preparatory math to college-level Calculus, and accelerated programs are available. Also available are classes that teach material at a slower-than-normal pace to ensure a firm grasp of all concepts.

Department of Sciences

The Gaylord High School Science Department is at the leading edge of modern scientific study and technology. Classes are available from basic life and earth science up to second-level chemistry and physics. Honors programs for accelerated learners are also available.

Department of Language Arts

The Gaylord High School Language Arts department focuses on building the language and communication skills of all students in grades 9 through 12. Classes cover everything from "the basics" in English 9 & 10 to higher reading, writing, and thinking skills in Contemporary Issues Research Writing and Advanced Placement English Literature.

Department of Social Studies

The Gaylord High School Social Studies department offers all of the traditional social classes expected at a high school, plus more. Classes range from 9th-Grade American History to Advanced Placement Comparative Government, and even Psychology. Because of this selection, students have a plethora of choices in elective social classes.

Department of Foreign Languages

The Gaylord High School Foreign Language classes work in conjunction with traditional language arts classes to provide an added multicultural experience for students who choose to participate. As more and more colleges and universities begin requiring foreign language experience for admission, these classes continue to grow in popularity.

Department of Physical Education

The Gaylord High School Physical Education department focuses on requiring students to stay active and be involved in team activities. Regular physical activity improves students academically and physically. Students are required to graduate with 1.5 credits in physical education. This helps us ensure an active, positive, healty student population.