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4-Year Plan Recommendations


  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities at school and within the community (log your hours)

  • Familiarize yourself with college and career resources

  • Look at specific college prep programs (

  • Decide on a career pathway using the curriculum guide

  • Outline classes you want to take during high school (take core courses if you are college bound)

  • Develop good study habits and organization skills


  • Find ways to improve your grade point average

  • Discuss financing college/technical school

  • Take career interest survey

  • Continue researching colleges; attend College Night

  • Prepare for the ACT and SAT (take online practice tests and continue taking core classes)

  • Update your outline of classes to take in high school

  • Take the Michigan Merit Exam (formerly the MEAP) if you plan on taking dual enrollment courses


  • Take ACT in the spring if college bound (SAT for out of state colleges; check with the university)

  • Consider taking Advanced Placement courses

  • Make college visits and meet with college reps that come to the school

  • Sign up for the PSAT in the fall

  • Take the Michigan Merit Exam (based upon your score you may receive $$ for college)

  • Check graduation requirements (Michigan Merit Exam is required for graduation)

  • Attend Financial Aid Night

  • Attend College Night

  • Meet with military recruiters; take ASVAB

  • Take challenging courses and keep your grade point average up


  • Double check graduation requirements (remember Michigan Merit Exam is required for graduation)

  • Apply to colleges at the beginning of the year

  • Check the scholarship bulletin board once a week and listen to announcements

  • Pay attention to deadlines for graduation materials, college apps, scholarships, etc.

  • Check dates of ACT and SAT if you need to take the test again

  • Fill out the FAFSA for state and federal aid

  • Take the Advanced Placement tests


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